When analyzing potential investments, VectorPoint looks for eight primary characteristics:

  • Highly qualified and entrepreneurial management team
  • Proprietary technology or unique product or concept
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Demonstrated market acceptance
  • Poised to achieve significant growth quickly
  • Likelihood of a good return on invested capital
  • Prospects for investment liquidity within a determinable period of time
  • Potential for significant community impact


VectorPoint generally focuses on portfolio company opportunities headquartered in the greater Northwest US region.  We will also give consideration to opportunities from California and other western states that are referrals from our trusted network of entrepreneurs, company executives, investors, bankers, accountants, lawyers, and other VectorPoint affiliates and friends.



We invest in companies that are in phases ranging from the initial startup to more mature later stage situations where a company is seeking growth capital to finance a transformational event or growth initiative.  Most of our energies are focused on early stage and small middle market growth stage companies while we also reserve room for opportunities in a limited number of emerging stage companies where we know the management team well or where market dislocations and disruptive innovations create outsized risk-adjusted return potential.

We will often serve as lead or co-lead investor.  We prefer to co-invest with other investors in order to bring the deepest strategic pool of resources and contacts to our portfolio companies.  We seek opportunities across a range of sectors, which include, but are not limited to:

Software Financial Services Health, Food, and Wellness
Business and Consumer Products and Services Medical Devices and Diagnostics Manufacturing and Industry


Company boards and management teams can use VectorPoint’s financing to achieve a variety of objectives such as allowing a business to expand more rapidly or take advantage of opportunities that require capital to execute.  Your company can use growth capital to finance product development, operations upgrades, new sales or marketing initiatives, geographic expansion and other growth strategies.

Typically VectorPoint will receive a minority ownership position in your company as part of a financing.  This way, your current ownership group and management team retains strategic and operational control of the business, while tapping new growth capital resources to take your company to the next level.