Our philosophy is to approach each investment as co-owners and principals with the management team.  Together, we look to build exceptional value in the companies in which we invest. Our team has both the experience and the resources to help companies successfully execute operational and strategic change in the growth process.  We do so through a collaborative approach with senior management with a focus on corporate strategy, merger & acquisition activity, operational discipline, and financial structuring.  We also know that people and relationships are the secret sauce to effectively getting important things done.  We do not seek to run day-to-day portfolio company operations as this is the role of company management.  We seek to closely align the interests of other investors, board members and management with our own.


VectorPoint Ventures makes investments in rapidly growing companies with proven business models, a history of healthy revenue and earnings growth, and the leadership capable of sustaining that growth.  Often, these companies are looking for a partner to help them achieve scale and expand geographically.


At VectorPoint we believe that great companies are built by great management teams.  We partner with proven teams, serving as active board members or advisors and observers, experienced in guiding companies through multiple growth stages.  Our role as advisors varies depending on the needs and capabilities of each company.


We offer equity and mezzanine debt options to support a company’s continued growth.  In some situations, we choose to structure equity investments with no mezzanine debt.  In other situations, VectorPoint offers mezzanine debt investments—either stand-alone or in conjunction with equity—that can serve as a critical part of a company’s capitalization structure allowing it to execute on a growth strategy.  We also assist in bringing other credit to the table to support the growth of our portfolio companies, keeping leverage to reasonable levels appropriate to the situation.


VectorPoint is flexible in its financing terms,  making certain that investor and company interests are well aligned.  We can meet the needs of small middle-market companies investing from $1 to $3 million per company in equity, mezzanine debt, or a combination of both.  Although we will invest in partnership with other co-investors, VectorPoint prefers to be the lead investor and expects in some cases that we will be the only investor in the current company financing.


VectorPoint’s model for enabling value creation blends a careful approach to investment selection, portfolio company strategic development, drive for operational excellence and a committed ownership approach.  Multiple deal sourcing channels, careful analysis, thorough due diligence, appropriate risk mitigation strategies and a clear post acquisition plan put investments on a pathway to potentially deliver high returns for VectorPoint investors and other stakeholders.


The expertise of the VectorPoint professionals provide committed ownership and support to the portfolio company management teams, and encourages a hands-on operational approach to problem solving.  VectorPoint’s investment managers have extensive and first-rate experience in venture and private equity investments, mergers, and acquisitions along with having real world company management and operating experience.  This expertise, combined with backgrounds in investment banking, management consulting and industry, ensures a well seasoned approach when working with our portfolio companies and other parties.


VectorPoint’s commitment is based on a sole conviction: that the creation of value derives from a combination of investment discipline, a long-term commitment to portfolio companies, transparency and the ability to listen to stakeholders.


Potential investment suggestions, ideas, and introductions are welcome. We welcome both introductions to a potential relationship as well as potential portfolio company opportunities.