VectorPoint Ventures is developing a balanced and diversified portfolio of investments in well-managed companies that need capital to accelerate growth. We primarily focus on emerging growth and small middle market companies that are between $3 million and $50 million in annual revenue and are headquartered in the Northwestern US.  We look for companies that develop or apply innovative technologies or approaches to products, systems and services.  We prefer to finance companies at an inflection point before a period of significant company growth. We have a mid-term liquidity focus; therefore we select target portfolio company investment opportunities and structures that have a reasonable likelihood of investment liquidity in 2-5 years.


We seek to invest in some of the best growth companies in the Northwestern US, to be a valued and trusted partner to  company management teams and stakeholders, and to deliver superior returns to our investors.


We are honest, straightforward and accountable and expect the same of others that we work with.  We promote intellectual integrity and practice it rigorously when assessing investment opportunities and evaluating results.


We are satisfied only when we perform at the highest levels of our industry.  In order to do so, our firm must be a meritocracy in which each team member contributes meaningfully to our success.  Our reputation for outstanding returns produced honorably is our most valuable asset.


We value leadership, initiative, creativity and courage.


Like the business leaders with whom we partner, we have a passion for entrepreneurship.  We behave like owners, take calculated risks and work for the best interests of the firm and our investors.


We encourage teamwork and camaraderie.  We seek to create an environment in which our colleagues can excel.  We require respectful and professional behavior from all of our team members.


We believe that there is no substitute for hard work, we are unafraid of difficult situations and we stick to our convictions.


We have the privilege to serve the investors who entrust us with their capital and the entrepreneurs who select us as their partner.  Our service goes beyond our immediate stakeholders to the communities in which we live.